“In a world such as this, is there a pursuit in life more important than finding out if God exists and rewards those who diligently seek after Him?”

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Spoken Word

Huntt started writing and performing spoken-word poetry as an expression of his spiritual journey. Topics he has written about so far include, faith, worship, love, salvation, purpose, singleness, church-hurt, thankfulness, and more. Below is a sample of some of his work:



Just as Crazy

You know what’s interesting… The Gospel doesn’t sound any more crazy and foolish now than it did back then. I’m thinking about Paul going into temples each week, and then going around talking to the Gentiles. He was persecuted for the notion that someone named Jesus rose from the dead. People stoned him! They murdered …

My First Visit to the National Museum of African American History Was Surprisingly Spiritual

I finally visited the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture! And I thought it was amazing! I truly believe a visit should be on everyone’s bucket list. I don’t say this simply because I am a black man, but I say this as a human being. Adding to my new vlog, I …


Vlog Season 1:

“Just Getting Started”