Joy comes in the Mourning (Psalms 119:136)

“Rivers of waters run down mine eyes, because they do not keep your law.”

As I was praying this morning and seeking to intercess for people in my community and church, this scripture came to my mind. A woman who knelt beside me at the altar sounded like she was in a fit of tears, and I couldn’t help but notice how dry my face was.o-WOMAN-CRYING-facebookHow often my face has been dry these couple of days…shouldn’t my heart be broken? Seeing the evil of the day, knowing the Word of God and the terror of His wrath, loving my neighbors as I do myself– my heart should be broken!

It wasn’t. It isn’t because I am so caught up in myself. Even at the altar, I was engrossed in my own issues and concerns- my own ways of thinking. I haven’t even been praying for my family as much or as hard as I ought. This is disconcerting. How easily it is for me to be self interested and motivated.

Blessed are you that weep now, for you shall laugh…but woe unto you that laugh now! For you shall mourn (Luke 6).

My faith needs to be fixed. I must get out of myself and the pride of life and recognize that there is a spiritual war going on, and people are dying.

I must humble myself or else God will do it. The despair and spiritual disparities I see in the world should cause dissonance. And that dissonance should drive me into prayer. And the fervent, effective prayers of the righteous avail much!

Oh, Lord please forgive me and soften my heart!

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