A Child of God May Fall BUT THEY GET BACK UP!

In a previous post I asked the question, are we truly being loyal to God or do we abandon ship when trials come-running back to our old ways when God didn’t give us the immediate results we were looking for? Are we just after God’s stuff or do we truly love Him for Him?
What a hard statement! The truth is there may have been times we failed God. There may have been many times that we were disloyal and our love was dead and our faith was nowhere to be found. But I am reminded this morning that all of the disciples fled when they took Jesus. Even Peter (“The Rock”) ended up denying Him three times on the same day that he swore he would die for Him!

What does this mean? Well, we read on and find out that all of these men (except Judas) end up being the vessels God used to revolutionize the world. These men failed at a most crucial hour, and yet God restored them! They neglected all the stuff they learned, and yet God used them! They betrayed the person they claimed to love, And yet God accepted them, forgave them, filled them with Holy Ghost! These men fell but they got back up! Judas didn’t get back up–he wallowed in his flesh and stayed there. He stumbled into destruction.

What am I saying? “A righteous man may fall seven times And rise again…” (Proverbs 24:16)

RISE AGAIN! And if you fall….RISE AGAIN! And you may fall after that and fall even harder….but RISE AGAIN! Don’t accept defeat! Peter didn’t! Don’t accept failure! John didn’t! Don’t let the devil tell you you cannot change and you cannot do better. The devil is a liar! Look how Saul became Paul!

Yea, you made a mistake and may have disappointed God and your loved-ones and yourself…but where sin abounds, grace does much more abound!

GET UP! GET UP! GET UP! Forget the past! His mercy endures!

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