October 31, 2015—Saturday—4:09am

October 31, 2015---Saturday---4:09am
Pay the cost! 
I haven't been paying the cost....I haven't truly been giving my all ...I've been trying to give just enough. But He says, "ALL"! or else you can't be His disciple...you can't be baptized in fire...you can't have the deeper life and fellowship with God that you claim you want because you are not willing to loose your life for His sake... You are not willing to demonstrate that you love Him with ALL your heart, mind, soul, strength...

If you give your body to be burned and have not love, what does it profit you!

The devil is probably mocking me. I keep coming to the verge of greatness...the edge of the water...starting the foundation doing all kinds of stuff to show obedience and commitment but not able to complete the job.

What value is there in all of this dancing around the bush? What value is there in all of this lingering by the pool with just my feet in the water? Or even coming up to my shoulders?

You know what's keeping me from being baptized? ME! I'm not taking the plunge into death! I must die to my self! And die daily...starting yesterday...continuing right now! Right now! Pray through! Calling on the name of the Lord! Your own testimony awaits! Your own blessing is at stake! Your own faith is on the line and the faith of those who are supposed to hear on your word! 

Arise! And be baptized! Let go of your old you! There is no profit there! And you owe your flesh nothing! You owe God everything! Pay the cost!

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