God’s got you

“God loves me. He’s got my back. He’s got my very best interest in mind.”  -M.S.S

Don’t worry about all the times you had failed and was rejected before. Know who loves you! Don’t be afraid when Goliath comes and threatens to kill you! Know who has got your back! Don’t panic when persecutions or trials come! Know who has your very best interest in mind!

If you know God, then who or what can stand against you? No person! No place! No idea! No organization! No sickness! No trial or tribulation! No devil! If God is for you, nothing can stand against you! You may not be that tough…Oh, but your God… Who loves you and has your back and has your very best interest in mind, your God who made the devil and has him on His leash, your God who hangs the sky like a curtain and shapes the mountains like play doh, your God who formed the universe by the strength of His lungs and has ALL power in His hand!

Do you know God? Get to know your God! Because if you do, then you know that He’s got you! 

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