Birth Pangs

I feel like I am pregnant to say something to the world…to say something to all my college and job friends and acquaintances who I love dearly but are misguided and dont know the truth. They don’t know my truth. They don’t know that in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. And in Him all things were made that were made.

And I feel overwhelmed and my faith feels threatened, as i watch some of them organize and protest for black lives and go home and follow their lusts, and worship their flesh, and curse Jesus because they think He’s a white man’s religion. Or I have others who are all about success and making money and working for a living for an empty american dream and they dont even think that they need God. And it saddens me. Because where is there hope? What hope do they have? What hope does their worldview offer but a fickle and strange and tumultuous and mysterious 80-something years on this planet and then death.

I am saddened because how can I be silent and claim to believe in the “good news”. And then there is this nagging doubt or fear to disturb their sleep with my views…fear of the lash out and the assault and anger at me. And I know that I cannot back down and stay quiet for much longer pretending as if I believe that they gonna be okay without Jesus, pretending as if hell is not a big deal and death is not around the corner. It’s like I gotta speak up or else I’m gonna have to give up the faith and deny Christ. Because if I don’t speak up, I don’t really believe. So the challenge that I feel to dig deeper, to know the truth, and be bold in it, and be humble and full of love and zeal….the challenge is upon…this burden is upon me.

And I pray I see it through until the end…because BLESSED are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness! For they shall be filled! Blessed are those who mourn now! For they shall laugh!

God please bless us!

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