What is Faith like?

tumblr_o2ppyevw2e1tkbhibo1_1280Faith is like not knowing whether or not your friend is crazy or what, as she tells you about Jesus Christ. It’s like finding her story and confidence and sense of peace and security very compelling. It’s being curious enough to try it for yourself. It’s being curious enough to taste and see, asking yourself the question, “Could this be real? Could calling on the name of Jesus and asking Him to reveal Himself to me, could praying to God and getting an answer really work?”

Faith is like encountering a seed for the first time in your life. And you are told that that small seed, that could easily hide in the wrinkles of your palm, that seed can become a great tree 100- times larger than you.

Faith is like planting that seed even though you are not sure about the results. Faith is like listening to the word you heard and, in humility, wanting to have the tree and food from it so much,  you go ahead and find some soil to plant it. Faith is like watching over that seed, watering that seed, making sure that seed got some sun. Faith is like waking up one day and seeing it become this great tree in front of your eyes, though you still don’t know the details. Faith is like immediately picking fruits off of it.

Faith is like telling all your friends and family and neighbors, giving them seeds and planting more seeds.

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