A Prepared Heart

Today’s post is inspired by the story around the life of King Rehoboam, Solomon’s son.

And he did evil, because he did not prepare his heart to seek the Lord .II Chronicles 12:14 NKJV

Our hearts probably wake up prepared to seek after things for ourselves. We are probably always ready to feed into our own desires. But we must make an effort, an intentional effort to prepare ourselves for the Lord. When we do not make this preparation, we end up doing evil.

Why is it either or? Why is it prepare ourselves to seek after God or do evil? Because our hearts are deceitfully wicked. So just waking up and going about our day, we can find ourselves in a whole lot of spiritual mess. Mess we may not even realize until much later. The bible says that we are tempted when we are drawn away by our own lusts and enticed. And that lust gives birth to sin and sin, when it is full grown, brings on death. The image of becoming pregnant is a perfect example of how deceitful our hearts can be. When one has enjoyed themselves in the lap of love, if you will, it may not feel like anything is wrong with that, it may have been quite enjoyable, it may have made you feel like you are really living life…and then a month goes by and something about you is different…time continues on and things inside you are changing…you gain cravings and sicknesses and mood swings….and you find out you have a whole nother person inside of you. The process….the length of time…that sin is growing…that over time things get worse…that yes, you didn’t have a heart prepared for God and today felt fine…but over time you will see your demise….over time you will make little decisions that will add up…over time you will start to think differently and become more lax about things…more loose…more indifferent to the will of God…more reliant on self and feelings and your own ideas and not His…

Either you set your heart up for God or for evil. No middle ground. Because you are lukewarm, I will spit you out of my mouth.

Those who are Christ’s set their heart for God. They crucify the flesh with its affections and lusts. They have a mind to suffer in the flesh to no longer live according to the will of man but to the will of God. Those who are Christ seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness knowing all other things they need will be added unto them. They set their affections on things above and not the things of the earth. They prepare their hearts to seek after God.

They prepare their hearts decisively and daily. They made the decision that it doesn’t matter what the world is doing but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord. They decided not to conform themselves to the world but to be transformed by the renewing of their minds. They decided to present their bodies a living sacrifice holy and acceptable unto the Lord, which is their reasonable service. They decided that for the lord I live and for the lord I die..they made the decision to confess with their mouthes and believe in their hearts that Jesus is Lord. They made that decision to prepare their hearts to seek God decisively.

And they make that decision daily. That every morning, I want to seek the Lord today. I want to seek the Kingdom of God before I even think about doing anything else. They wake up in a spirit of prayer. They put themselves in a spirit of prayer. They reach for their Word and prepare a melody in their heart unto the Lord. They wake-up in the morning, look around, take a deep breath and say thank you God!

A heart prepared…what does it look like? It looks like following the way that is right…heeding His commands. Their is no command greater than these: love God with all your heart, mind, and soul, And love your neighbor as yourself. A prepared heart looks like abiding in Christ, the true vine. It is putting oneself in a position to abide. Mediating on whatever is pure and good and just and of good report. Keeping the Word as a light unto one’s feet, a lamp to one’s path. If you prepare your heart you will not do evil. You cannot sin because His Spirit will remain within you.
If you’re not prepared you will not seek. If you’re not prepared you can’t sow. If you’re not prepared, you can’t reap. If you’re not prepared, you’re like rocky, stony, hard soil. If you’re not prepared, you cannot go far. If you’re not prepared for success, you’re prepared for failure.

Be always prepared and you will never fall. Even success won’t kill your drive for God. No days off. Let your heart always be ready to seek the lord. David took a day off and ended up committing next level evil. Solomon got slack in the heart his latter years and committed all sorts of evil. Noah took an afternoon off and got schwasty. Moses took a moment off and missed the promised land.

What is your heart prepared to seek? And how do you know? Following the dictates of my heart..where would I be? What would I be doing?

  • Making a lot of money. Hand over fist.
  • Going clubbing often. Meeting and sleeping with all kinds of women.
  • Maybe eating wrecklessly.
  • Maybe a weed smoker
  • Definitely thinking a lot about sex and watching porn.
  • Definitely not going to church.
  • Maybe giving my money here and there to help a few people but no sacrifice.
  • Trying out whatver the people around me are doing. When in Rome or what happens in Vegas or whatever…
  • Saying, preaching that everyone should do what makes them happy. (But what would make some people happy are molesting children. Or incense. Or rape. What would make some people happy are continually to deprive the poor and oppress the fatherless. What would make some people happy is to ignore injustice and uphold the current order that benefits them or change it so that it would without much regard to others. What would make some people happy are drug abuse and violence and laziness. Selfishness makes people happy. Greed and Covetousness makes people happy. But it destroys.
  • I wouldn’t care for God perhaps…as long as my life was pleasant…why would I need God? Why would I need to answer anyone when I am the boss?

I think this where my heart could have gone. What about your heart? Make a list and think about what your mind was on or is on. Are you any different from when you starting seeking the Lord?

Following God and having a heart prepared to seek after Him, we end up both blessed and a blessing.

How do you prepare your heart for God?How do you put yourself in a position to hear from God vs. not being in a position to hear? 

Think about this…faith comes by hearing. So if you are not hearing then you are not living by faith. Jeremiah was listening to God and God told him to go to the potter’s house so that He can cause His word to come into Jeremiah. Listening to God, having ears to hear…ears prepared to hear…a heart prepared to seek…He was able to know to go places where he would hear what God wants from him. So putting ourselves in a position to hear…preparing our hearts to seek may be going to a specific place…praying a specific prayer…waking up and reading…with expectation…with an eye to see and perceive…with an ear to hear and a heart to seek.

What does this all look like for us? What will it look like for you? Are you preparing your heart to seek after God?

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