Be Baptized! Don’t Just Maintain!

Maintaining is not baptism. Just attending church service and having a job and maintaining your life. That doesn’t seem like full immersion. It seems like tradition. That doesn’t seem like baptism. It seems like your going to church is just a routine. It is just another social group that you are a part of. It is just another thing that you do. It doesn’t seem like you are on fire for God. It seems like lukewarmness. It does not seem like new Life in the Spirit-an adventure in God!

Where’s the ministry? Where’s the personal and spiritual growth and change of lifestyle? He told Peter that He would make him a fisher of men. That is a change in vocation. It did not mean that he would never fish. It just meant that fishing wasn’t his vocation. It was no longer his calling. It was no longer his identity. God gives new callings. He gives new names. He gives baptisms. Simon, the fisherman became Peter, “the Rock!” A fisher of men!

How easily it will be to fall back into what you used to be enslaved to if you are not immersed into this calling! How easily it will be to slip, if you are not baptized in Christ, forsaking all to walk and grow in God! How easily will it be to blend back into the world, if you just continue living with your feet dangling in the water, or you are hiding in the midst of the crowd…until the day comes when you finally fall away and officially reject God. It will likely be something or someone threatening your life that will push you over that edge, because you were not baptized. So you sought to save your life, instead of losing it to gain it in Christ.

 If you’re not fully immersed in this thing, the moment will come, and possibly quite soon, when you deny Him. Do you see Peter? Do you see his flesh? When he wasn’t able to fight with his sword, he fled the persecution and his identity as “the Rock” and left Jesus. Then he tried to follow behind, secretly and quietly. How easily he denied him three times!

Truthfully, your denial started with the lukewarmness. It started with you operating in your weak flesh and not abiding in His Spirit. It started when you meditated on the things of mankind and this world instead of the things of God. Your denial started with you trying to maintain. It started with you avoiding the full baptism. All it takes is a little leaven. It is the small foxes that ruin the field.

Repent! And Don’t maintain! Don’t be afraid! God is for you! He has your best interest in mind! He wants more for you than you can even imagine for yourself! Be immersed in Him! Don’t maintain your old life and your old thinking! Don’t maintain what was easy! Walk with God! Embrace the calling! Be immersed in it. Be baptized! 

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