Where’s Your Focus?

Where is our focus? Is it on the fruit? Is it on the lack of fruit? Are we obsessed with the thought of producing or not producing? Are we caught up thinking about how others perceive our production? 

The Word (John 15:1-11): abide in the vine and you will bear much fruit. It’s a promise. We should focus on abiding in Christ. We should focus on remaining, staying, dwelling in His Love. We must look to dwell in His Word and have His Word and His Love dwell in us. Then we will bear fruit. We will bear much fruit! To the glory of God! And our prayers will be answered! And our joy will be full!

It will not be because we focused on the fruit but because we focused on the vine. We can do nothing outside the vine. 

Let’s not get dragged away from our prayer life. Let’s not let our time in the Word diminish. It is in prayer, Word, and following after Jesus Christ that we find success. That’s where are purpose lies. That’s where we are unstoppable. That’s where we meet greatness, when we are rooted and established in Him, when we are connected to the vine, when we are unbreakable from Christ. The fruit comes automatically because it must. And God cuts back (prunes, purges) the things in our life that is keeping us from bearing more fruit.

All the devil, flesh, and world need to do is to keep us from our core, which will keep us from the fullness of God. Why does that work? Because the other promise is that if we don’t remain, stay, dwell in Him and His Word in us, we will wither until broken off.

But we are aware of the schemes of the devil, flesh, and world! And we press toward the mark! There is much fruit to be had. And much joy. He told us these things so that our joy will be full. If anyone knows about joy and purpose and living this life, it is our Creator! Let’s cling to Him and enjoy this adventure in God!

One Reply to “Where’s Your Focus?”

  1. Amen! Well said!

    So often do I gather limited fruit that can only sustain me for a limited season. I feast full off the offspring of my past disciplines and when my harvest is depleted only then do I return to God. I repent, I praise but once my storehouse is replenished, I feast and I festive, completing the same destructive cycle alike the season before – each time forgetting God.

    This repetitive cycle of abusing God as a mean to an end not realizing that God is our means and our end, strips me of the intended multiplication of my harvest. And as I starve – all the people God ordered me to bless – starve at the expense of my inconsistent obedience.

    Why do I do this?

    As simple as it is, I yet miss the premise as you stated: that God is the vine and the vine produces unlimited fruit and only when I abide and reside in the vine do I reap the true harvest of the vine.

    Rather than cherishing just the fruit – God is commanding me to cherish the tree. To legitimately respect our relationship and stop straying from it. My faith in God must be firm alike the roots of a tree so that when the storms of deceit arrive – I stop washing away with the storm.

    Flowers are beautiful. I love flowers. Every two weeks I used to buy fresh flowers for the vases in my home.


    Every two weeks,

    I would buy fresh flowers…

    Every 14 days for the vases in my home.

    Again and again, wasting time and money on the repurchasing (repenting) because flowers, once disconnected from the root, they eventually wither and die.

    When I am a dedicated Christian, I am a VERY beautiful flower.

    I shine my brightest when I am in faithful consistent relationship with my Father. But when I trail off… or allow my stem to be plucked away – I am unsuccessfully attempting to preserve myself in my own water. And though I may appear beautiful… for a while, bright and lovely, attracting all of the bees… without my Father’s son(sun) his good pruning and his good word that is healing water unto my life, I eventually mold, encapsulated in the vase of my own musty water.

    Just think? If I would permanently plant my faith like a planted rose bush, firmly in good foundation, rich, good soil, watered and let the sun(son) shine brightly upon my planted rose bush, the glee I receive from enjoying the sight and smell of lovely flowers would be endless! I would never have to experience the grief of discarding dying flowers for roses connected to the rose bush never die.

    Even in the winter when I can’t see them with my physical eyes I would with gladness await for Spring – with definite expectancy that my roses will return with full breathtaking vigor.

    What is most special about the rose connected to the rose bush? Roses are protected by sharp thorns.
    Unlike most other weaker flowers, Tulips and Lillies, roses connected to the vine can’t simply be plucked away, they must be cut away. Unlike the vase, it’s inferior armor making my bouquet susceptible to theft, the rose is protected by a natural armor. Like the rose, I too would consistently be protected by the Gardner, my loving Heavenly Father. God provides his will as a natural deterrent against predators that try to take up habitat in my heart, for my heart belongs to God, a specially consecrated place where he conducts his good will.

    So, you ask, where is our focus?

    Going forth my focus must be on my Creator and not the creation. Because focus on the creator produces endless, sprawling rose beds whereas worship to the creation always equates to the bereavement of scheduled death.

    Therefore, I will root myself is his ways so my ways will glorify his existence. And alike a firmly planted flower, my sight and my fragrance will supply endless beauty, an endless reminder of the coming of eternal peace in a temporal war-filled world.


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