When You Think You’re Doing Something For God

Now it came to pass when the king was dwelling in his house, and the Lord had given him rest from all his enemies all around, that the king said to Nathan the prophet, “See now, I dwell in a house of cedar, but the ark of God dwells inside tent curtains.” Then Nathan said to the king, “Go, do all that is in your heart, for the Lord is with you.”

(II Samuel 7:1-3)

David had it in his heart to build a house for God. David saw that the ark of God dwelled in a tent, so David desired to do something good for God. But God soon informs David that David is not doing something for God. God is doing something for David!

But it happened that night that the word of the Lord came to Nathan, saying, “Go and tell My servant David, ‘Thus says the Lord: “Would you build a house for Me to dwell in? For I have not dwelt in a house…have I ever spoke a word to anyone…saying, “Why have you not built Me a house?” …The Lord tells you that He will make you a house.”

II Samuel 7:1‭-‬17 NKJV

God takes this time to make a covenant with David. And a question popped into my mind…

How often do people do ministry solely under the impression that they are doing something for God? As if God was in need of anything, since He gives to all life, breath, and all things. (Acts 17:25) How often must God remind us of the things He is doing for us? (Luke 18:29-30)

Then King David went in and sat before the Lord; and he said: “Who am I, O Lord God? And what is my house, that You have brought me this far? And yet this was a small thing in Your sight, O Lord God; and You have also spoken of Your servant’s house for a great while to come. Is this the manner of man, O Lord God? Now what more can David say to You? For You, Lord God, know Your servant. For Your word’s sake, and according to Your own heart, You have done all these great things, to make Your servant know them. Therefore You are great, O Lord God. For there is none like You, nor is there any God besides You, according to all that we have heard with our ears.

II Samuel 7:18‭-‬22

When we do ministry, we don’t simply do things for God, God is doing things for us! God is doing things for our neighbors and loved-ones. God is doing something for the world. And it is something great! We ought to be full of gratitude!

Though we may accurately identify ourselves as servants of God, we must not forget that, ultimately, we are being served and blessed by Him! (Luke 12:37)

What do you think?

2 Replies to “When You Think You’re Doing Something For God”

  1. Well written with a deeply reflected premise on God and who he is – in relational to our own desire.

    Absolutely right, there is nothing we can offer God. I recall cycling deeply through that truth. That we are the helpless and he is the helper. The juxtaposition of that relationship will frighten anyone who has never encountered true vulnerability and true protection in the midst of that vulnerability. God is omnipotent, needing nothing and deserving all.

    David, the psalmist, the Shepard praiser turned warrior, throned King is renowned for the intimacy he shared with God. When David declares he is building a house for God, he is doing so from the same unquenchable desire for God that led him to praise God until he was naked before his handmaidens (2 Sam 6). David is aware that God does not need a house and yet David wants to build God a house. It prompts me to ask myself? “What have you built for God?” “What are you building for God?” “What would you like to see built for God?”

    God is the architect and we are the constructors. His truth and law are our foundations. His grace and mercy are decors around our door.

    Hebrews 3:4
    For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God.

    As Christians we are constantly building up whereas Satan and sin is constantly tearing down. This applies to our own spirits and the way we treat each others spirits. Reflect on how terribly you treated yourself and fellow man before Christ? Now reflect thereafter and ponder on the edification of spirit and joy you’ve spread as a result! The goal is to always stay focused on God. Fast forward to David’s transgression with Bathsheba (2 Sam 11), once David removed his focus from the construction of God’s Kingdom he fell into the destruction of his own flesh. Stay focused. While you are building God’s kingdom on Earth; he is constructing your mansion in Heaven.

    Back to David and Bathsheba, whatever you are building has to be approved by God. Not only is God the architect, he is the building inspector. If your foundation is not laid in his truth and his law, God will burn your pet project – down to the ground. God does not bless mess.

    After Bathsheba gave birth, the baby fell ill because unfortunately… God does not bless mess. Although David grieved for 7 days with sackcloth (2 Sam 12:18), the baby died nonetheless because God does not mess bless.

    Let us reflect, how often have our plans failed miserably because they didn’t align with the will of God. Whereas how often have our plans proven successful when they are in accordance with the blueprint God designed for our lives.

    Psalm 127:1
    Unless the LORD builds the house, They labor in vain who build it.

    As Spring approaches and the flowers bloom so they too may offer their beauty as praise to the Lord – let us plan with purpose the thing(s) we will build for the Lord so he may additionally be praised.

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