My First Visit to the National Museum of African American History Was Surprisingly Spiritual

I finally visited the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture! And I thought it was amazing! I truly believe a visit should be on everyone’s bucket list. I don’t say this simply because I am a black man, but I say this as a human being.

Adding to my new vlog, I tried to capture some of what I saw and felt. Check it out!

One Reply to “My First Visit to the National Museum of African American History Was Surprisingly Spiritual”

  1. I agree, I’ve visited many Africana museums and I don’t think I’ve been that moved – spiritually. Granted I also was in primary places of faith upon visiting alternative museums but the national museum being so new has the advantage of having the most edge-cutting exhibits in regards to articulate planned spacing to create a multidimensional experience that flows rather than breaks into distinct segments. The spatial planning of the floor plan was spot on. With the slave ship in the basement – I mean c’mon how cool was that? Ooh, the recreation of the protest lunch in counter within the cafeteria – impressive! Some unfortunate critiques – because the museum is so young – in contrast to our history that’s spans across centuries – it is increasingly difficult to obtain primary artifacts and most of the displays were reproductions. The MLK Jr. Musuem is the home host for all of his collections such as his bible, original writings, pastoral robes. Similarly the Civil Rights Musuem in Nashville has the original SNICC bus that was bombed and the actual sit in counter, segregated fountains etc. I am sure the Smithsonian did their best to buy and negotiate the permanent transfer of these gems but understandly most curators aren’t going to release such influential pieces that bring viewers to their smaller sites at the expense of the newly found Washington site that is sure to displace visitors. You definitely have to get to the Nashville musuem if you haven’t already – it’s tiny compared to the mammoth size of The Smithsonian but it’s collection – particularly it’s Civil Rights Era collection serves a dynamic punch. I enjoyed watching your Vlogs – you did such an excellent job typecasting the musuem. It was so much to see in one day – no way you could absorb it all without leaking all over the place. I regrettably missed the African American art you commented on – I must return annually to the Black Mecca for rejuvenation and activist restoration.

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